Header Bidding 

With Adtelligent's header bidding turnkey solution you get the best
from the programmatic world, with all common issues waved out.

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Simple Setup
Amazon UAM Compatible
Powerful Monetization Tools for Everyone
Header Bidding Wrapper Solution
Increased Header Bidding Yield
Changing from a network waterfall to a header auction typically increases programmatic yield by 50%
Access to Demand
Grant access to world's biggest buyers to your inventory directly
UAM Friendly
Painless integration along with UAM, with a fair auction between all parties: Google Ad Manager, UAM & HBMP
Bidder Management
Boost your profit with built-in Adtelligent Marketplace or connect your own Advertisers. Integrate unlimited demand partners as prebid bidders or via RTB.
Unified Reporting
Real-time insights into your revenue with full transparency and customized views. Review your performance with as much data granularity as you like.
Advertiser Level Data
Get better understanding of the brands that are willing to pay maximum CPM for your inventory to get direct deals with the right advertisers.
Simple Setup
Get started in minutes with zero dev work. Control everything from the unified UI.
Client, Server, Hybrid
Work client-side, work server-side, combine both to get maximal yield and minimal latency.
How it works?
Place a few lines of code to the head section of your website
Update your ads.txt file
Start making extra revenue
Get monthly payouts
Our Marketplace is a risk-free solution for you. We will only buy your inventory if we pay more with no hidden fees.
Premium CPMs
Worldwide Coverage
Get Paid on Time, Every Time!
Fastest payment terms in the industry. Depending on the volume we offer payment terms from NET30 to NET0
Why Adtelligent Header Bidding Platform?
Yeld Boost
AppNexus header bidding
Rubicon header bidding
Aol header bidding
Spotx header bidding
Openx header bidding
Index exchange header bidding
Pubmatic header bidding
Brealtime header bidding
Sonobi header bidding
Conversant header bidding
Smart header bidding
GumGum header bidding
Ticketed support available 24/7
GDPR Complaint
User-Friendly Dashboard
Google Ad Manager (DFP) Compatible
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